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The Benefits of Getting a Qualification Based on Work Experience

Work Experience or Qualifications? This age-old question has been causing debates for a while now. But what is the answer? Unsurprisingly, it is both. Both qualifications and work experience are essential for advancing up the ladder of success in the workplace.

In today’s dynamic and competitive job market, the conventional path of obtaining qualifications through formal education is slowly being supplemented by a growing trend: qualifications based on work experience. Qualifications Australia (QA) is one of the few who realise this and provides internationally recognised Australian qualifications to individuals to help them bridge their educational and career gaps.

Additionally, having an international degree or certification is a dream for many that may only sometimes come true due to the lack of funds, resources, or time required to complete a traditional course. With QA, individuals can leverage the skills and knowledge accumulated through their hands-on experience in the workplace. With no study, exams, or prior qualifications required, individuals with at least two years of relevant experience can apply for qualifications through IBA’s Service Provider – Qualifications Australia (QA).

There are many benefits of getting a qualification based solely on work experience. They include:

  • No Traditional Study is Required
    Pursuing a qualification or a degree without going down the traditional study route allows individuals to gain industry-recognised credentials solely based on work experience, thus recognising their practical knowledge and skills acquired on the job. In addition, not having to spend hours studying what one already knows in practice is an attractive prospect.

  • No Prior Qualification is Required
    Removing the prerequisite for possessing prior qualifications broadens individuals’ access to procuring future credentials. Individuals with no prior formal education can still be eligible to receive certifications and qualifications based on their work experience.

  • No Exams are Required.
    The absence of formal exams greatly eases the mental load and stress that may accompany traditional study routes. This also helps to recognise and prove that an application-based approach is often more beneficial than mere theory understanding. Additionally, individuals with work experience can showcase their expertise through work samples, including practical demonstrations, projects, and so on.

  • No Age Limit.
    With no age cap, Qualifications Australia encourages individuals of all ages to participate in continuous skill development and knowledge acquisition. This is a highly unique and inclusive opportunity that Qualifications Australia offers. It promotes the pursuit of higher learning and knowledge.

  • No Travel to Australia is Required.
    In removing the travel restriction in qualification attainment, QA facilitates global access to professional development opportunities through technology. Therefore, individuals from across the globe can participate in QA’s programs without any added expenses or the hassle of moving abroad for qualification attainment but can receive their Australian credentials, which are internationally recognised.

  • No Visa is Required.
    No visa requirement follows the no travel requirement criteria. Through QA, professionals can now engage in learning experiences and get their degrees without facing travel or bureaucratic hurdles.

  • No English is Required.
    QA recognises that few come from a country where English is the first language. It realises the need for individuals to get access to higher qualifications and certifications without facing language barriers. This helps foster learning experiences wherein professionals with the right work experience and skills are not met with hindrances in language.

  • Receive Qualifications in 3-4 Months.
    QA promises to provide individuals with work-based credentials in 3-4 months, a testament to the program’s efficiency and effectiveness. It allows professionals to acquire internationally and industry-recognised qualifications without additional or unnecessary hassle.

  • Increases Employment Opportunities and Job Prospects.
    Having more in-depth qualifications boosts an individual’s employment opportunities and job prospects. With recognised certifications, individuals seem more attractive to employers scouring for good talent to add to their firms. They will likely stand out in competitive job markets in their home countries and abroad.

  • Save thousands of dollars.
    Studying in universities and doing online courses involves a lot of money, and those who travel abroad for educational purposes spend a lot on student visas, tuition fees, accommodation, travel, and other expenses. Through QA, individuals can prioritise their profession while still attaining a qualification in the related field.

Attaining credentials through Qualifications Australia is an excellent way for skilled professionals looking to bridge their educational gap to advance up the ladder. With less time and finances, individuals need not travel abroad for traditional qualifications. In addition, for those looking to migrate to countries like Australia, where educational backing is essential to be accepted into certain skilled professions, Qualifications Australia is the best service provider to help overcome educational discrepancies.

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