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What is a Master Franchise?
You can become a Master Franchise in your country by obtaining a franchise license from Immigration Business Alliance Partner (IBA). However, you must have a strong and worthy presence in your respective region. As a platform, IBA gives its Master Franchises access to all the services offered by the Service Providers that utilize the IBA platform.
What are the benefits of becoming a Master Franchise?
Becoming a Master Franchise of IBA comes with several benefits, including:
  • Access to all the services provided by the Service Providers associated with IBA.
  • Receive 40% of the client contract value.
  • Listing on the IBA Website.
  • Personalised payment gateway facility.
  • Training materials for migration process.
  • Ongoing support and constant updates.
  • Certificate of Accreditation.
  • Marketing & Advertisement facilitation.
  • Business email account.
  • Customised CRM access.
  • Exclusivity in your region (excluding India & UAE). *

*Can be acquired upon discussion and evaluation.

F4 Migration Guru (F4MG) is the Global Master Franchise of Immigration Business Alliance Partner (IBA).


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Partner with IBA to get a Master Franchise in your country and become a pioneer in the immigration business today!