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Master Franchise Opportunities with Immigration Business Alliance (IBA)

Franchising has long been recognised as a robust business model that enables entrepreneurs to replicate successful concepts while expanding their worldwide reach. One exciting aspect of franchising is the Master Franchise concept, which allows entrepreneurs the opportunity to become important players in their respective regions.

With an emphasis on Australian immigration, let’s delve into the realm of master franchising with Immigration Business Alliance Partners (IBA) in the immigration industry.

What Does Becoming a Master Franchise with Immigration Business Alliance (IBA) Entail?

Before discussing the benefits of becoming a Master Franchise, let’s first define what a Master Franchise is.

In essence, the concept of a Master Franchise includes getting a franchise licence from a parent business, which grants the licensee the ability to not only operate a location of the brand but also represent the brand and conduct its business within a specific territory. In the case of IBA, aspiring entrepreneurs in the Australian immigration industry might obtain a Master Franchise for their country if they qualify.

Prospective entrepreneurs who want to become a Master Franchise with IBA must have a strong presence in their area to be eligible to get a franchise license. IBA serves as an aggregator, giving Master Franchises access to a wide range of services provided by Service Providers that access the IBA platform.

Benefits of Becoming a Master Franchise with IBA

The following is a list of advantages of holding an IBA Master Franchise:

  • Access to all the services provided by the Service Providers associated with IBA.
  • Receive 40% of the client contract value.
  • Listing on the IBA Website.
  • We have a personalised payment gateway facility.
  • Training materials for the migration process.
  • Ongoing support and constant updates.
  • Certificate of accreditation.
  • Marketing and advertisement facilitation.
  • Business email account.
  • We have customised CRM access.
  • Exclusivity in your region (excluding India & UAE).

F4 Migration Guru (F4MG) is the Global Master Franchise of IBA. This successful partnership exemplifies the potential for growth and success within IBA’s Master Franchising model.

As of January 2024, IBA has its Master Franchises in India and UAE.

F4MG India

F4MG (F4 Migration Guru) India is a leading Master Franchise of IBA partners in Pan India. With a team of highly experienced professionals, F4MG India, in collaboration with FBP International, offers hassle-free Australian migration services designed specifically for individuals across India. F4MG India’s headquarters are strategically located in Pune, Maharashtra. This ensures easy accessibility to their knowledgeable personnel with expertise in all aspects of the Australian immigration process.


F4MG UAE is a leading provider of document clearance services for those migrating to Australia. Partnering with FBP International and Qualifications Australia, F4MG UAE is recognised as a top-tier leader in comprehensive Australian immigration services. It handles documentation and filing procedures precisely and efficiently, ensuring a smooth migration experience. With its office in Dubai, F4MG UAE has established itself as one of the trailblazers in the Australian Immigration industry.


IBA is an aggregator for Immigration Business Setup and Information And Communications Technology (ICT) technical platform. It is dedicated to growing individuals and businesses through many of its Service Providers. Contact IBA for more information on becoming a Master Franchise in your country.

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