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Through IBA, you can transform your entrepreneurial dreams into reality by partnering with the Best Immigration Business Alliance Aggregator in Australia and around the globe. Explore lucrative opportunities as we focus on inviting businesses interested in becoming Master Franchises, Outsourcing Sales Agents, and Sales Agents. Whether you’re an established player in the immigration industry or an enterprise aligned with IBA’s vision, seize the chance to collaborate with us! Depending on your package, you will get to experience innumerable advantages from significant returns to expert services.

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    About IBA

    Immigration Business Alliance Partner (IBA) is an Australian owned and operated firm, which acts as an aggregator for Immigration Business Setup & ICT technical platform. IBA registered in Australia, USA, and India, is there to make life easy for Legal Practitioners, Registered Migration Agents, Service Providers, Sales Agents, Outsourcing Sales Agents, and Master Franchises!

    At IBA, we are committed to building careers, relationships, and partnerships by leveraging our strong service providers’ knowledge, expertise, and brand identity to benefit individuals and businesses in the field of Immigration Services, especially for Australia.


    With Immigration Business Alliance Partner (IBA), businesses, consultancies, and agents have a good opportunity to enhance their careers. Through IBA’s platform, you will get innumerable benefits ranging from exclusive services, high revenues, to an association with a pioneering brand. Reach out to us to become our partner today!

    Our Vision & Mission

    To Set a Global Footprint as the Best Immigration Business Alliance Aggregator in the Visa and Qualification Industry through our Extensive Network
    of Agents and Franchises.

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